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Westport Coffeehouse, 4010 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO. 64111, 816-756-3221

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Shaun Rivera

The Society of American Magicians, founded in 1902, is the oldest and most prestigious magic society in the world. It began in the United States but there are now chapters all over the world. Everyone with a sincere interest in the art of magic is invited to become a part of our organization.

Assembly #38 was originally founded by the S.A.M. in 1944 as the "Kansas City Assembly #38". It was later renamed in 1991 to the "Robert W. Klamm assembly" of Independence Missouri. This magic club serves the entire greater Kansas City metropolitan area (both Kansas and Missouri) and meets on the third tuesday of every month at 7:00pm at the Westport Coffeehouse in Kansas City, Missouri. (more info)

Mike Melito

SAM38 also provides lending support to the Society of Young Magicians Assembly #9 . The SYM provides a learning environment for the young enspiring magician. It helps the younger generation of magicians to develop their style and to learn new magic skills.

Dale Huffman


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